Guide – How to reduce the size of images for my website

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Full transcription below if you have any auditory issues. The video is also subtitled.

Hi and welcome to this Blinkered Explainer Series video.

Today we’ll talk about file sizes on your website for your images.

It is really important to get that straight as often people don’t realise how big the images are that they put onto their website.

The downside for you is that they can make your website really slow to your visitors, and it can also make look slow to Google, which potentially will penalise your website and the search engine rankings for being slower valued to competitors.

The great news is we’ve got an application which is free, incredibly easy and very fast to use. It’s called

All you do is grab some images, and upload them to the screen. Immediately it starts processing and reducing the size of the images.

The files supported are JPEG and PNG and the results are really significant – between 64% and 75%.

Even files that have already been optimised, has managed to reduce the size by another 15%

We’re making a massive difference in the file size. All you need to do now is download the files from and then upload them to your site, and replace the existing images.

It will make your site, particularly if you got lots of images or image-based site, significantly faster.

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