How To Create An Email Signature – Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook and more…

In under 3 minutes, learn how to create an email signature – your own one, for FREE! Add your photo, links to social media accounts, phone number and address, change colours and add a visible and professional call-to-action.

Easy to follow video guide shows you how to create an email signature which will work in Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.

Go to where you’ll find the tool which shows you how to create an email signature

This tool is super easy to use and you can create your signature within a few minutes.

It will allow you to add your name, company name, telephone numbers, email and web addresses and so on.

You can change the colours of the text and links and you can also add a photograph of yourself or you could add your logo or other graphic.

There are further option to add links to your social media accounts, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. The system will even add the social media icons directly in the signature for you.

Finally, it has a really neat option to add a call to action under your signature – this could be used to advertise a product or service. You could promote an event, or you could promote something else, e.g. “Click here for a free 30-minute consultation”.

Check out the finished article below. You can see in our example we’ve changed the colours to match our brand. We’ve added the social links and a call to action which will redirect to a specific web page on our website.

email how to create an email signature

All-in-all, a great little tool from the team at Hubspot. Check it out at and check out their guides and tutorials.

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