How to View Sent Messages and Invitations on LinkedIn

When you exchange messages on LinkedIn with your connections, all those messages are stored in Linkedin’s ‘Messaging’ section. If you need to find your sent and received messages, then you can find all those conversations inside that folder.

Please note, there is no “Sent” items tab or folder on LinkedIn.

This is how you can find your conversations on LinkedIn:

  • If you are on Desktop, you can sign in to your LinkedIn account using your preferred browser.Messaging section on LinkedIn which contains all the conservations, sent and received on LinkedIn.
  • At the top of your home page, you will find the ‘Messaging’ tab in the navigation bar. This will take you to your inbox folder with all your ‘Inmails’ and ‘Conversations’.
  • You can also filter messages to be displayed using the ‘Settings’ icon at the side of the ‘Search bar’. Most common filters can be ’Unread’, ‘All messages’, and ‘Spam’.
  • For viewing recent messages, you can use the  ‘Messaging’ tab at the bottom right corner of your home page.

To find your LinkedIn Connections and new Invitations:Connections section on LinkedIn which contains all your connections and pending invitations.

  • At the top of your home page, you will find the ‘My Network’ tab beside the ‘Home’ tab. Click that option.
  • At the top left corner of your screen, under ‘Manage my network’, you will see a ‘Connections’ section which contains all your connections on LinkedIn.

On Mobile Phones:

  • To view your conversations, Click the Chat icon (message symbol) at the top right corner of your phone. Messaging section on LinkedIn on mobile screen.
  • To see your connections, Click the ‘My Network’ option at the bottom of your phone screen. Connections and Invitations section on LinkedIn on Mobile Screen.
  • To view existing connections, click ‘Manage my network’.
  • To view Invitations which are still to be accepted or denied, click on ‘Invitations’.

Note: You can find new invitation requests at the top of the page after you click ‘My Network’ tab. After you accept or deny the invitation, they are automatically removed from the ‘Pending Invitations’ section to ‘Connections’.

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