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to entice potential customers to your properties,
at a low price point.

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Why few companies use video

Hiring a video company is expensive:

  • They can take a lot of time to organise video shoots
  • They take up space at your location and interfere with your usual day-to-day operations
  • They don’t often capture those special moments as they happen or as you would want
  • Your team and others who will appear in the video can be apprehensive when being filmed by external people
  • They can’t be there every day

You don’t have the time or skill to create quality videos yourself:

  • If you have the experience to edit videos, you likely don’t have the time to do it regularly
  • If you don’t have the skill, you likely don’t have the time to learn!
  • It’s difficult to find appropriate music, and make sure it’s legally ok to use on your video

You underestimate the power of video:

  • You underestimate how much people trust video content
  • You’re unaware that videos are proven to boost customer engagement which can lead to increased sales
  • You don’t realise that engaging videos which are shared socially, can drastically increase brand awareness

We Help Solve This In 3 Easy Steps…


You shoot the images and video at a time that suits you using the tips in our free video maker guide. No fancy equipment required! and a minimal amount of your time


We go where needed and spend up to 2 hours taking the video and shots required so you can get on with your busy day.


We take the shots and sprinkle our magic video editing dust. We add extra B-roll video, images, titles, and incorporate suitable professional music to create a finished video which you’ll be delighted with – All delivered to you within 48 hours and incorporating your call to action at the end of your video!


You receive your finished video which you can share on social media, YouTube, your website, or we can do that for you. You get on with running your business!

Video triggers an emotional connection with the customer.
Using a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.
Great videos also get shared – 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with other people*.

* https://www.l2inc.com/research/video-2016

Comparison of a customer edited video and
a BlinkVid edited video

Customer Edited

BlinkVid Edited

I loved the piece you sent me of our Pheasant
bedroom suite in our hotel – IT LOOKS GREAT!

Ian McAndrew | Owner – Blackaddie House Hotel

Our plans

We keep our pricing as simple as possible – there’s a standard price for one video up to four videos.
You can then select from any of the options for that extra special touch.

Packages Shot By You

you take the video and photos – we edit and produce

Just send your video and photographs to us via the internet or deliver via SD Card or USB stick

  • One Video
  • 170
  • Two Videos
  • 145
  • Three Videos
  • 135
  • Four Videos
  • 120

Packages Shot By Us

we take the video and photos – we edit and produce

We simply arrange a date and time with you and go to your client and complete the shoot (max. 2 hours on site)

  • One Video
  • from 250
  • Two Videos
  • from 225
  • Three Videos
  • from 195
  • Four Videos
  • from 180


Select as many as you like.

€35 each

1 – Setup a YouTube channel for you
2- Add the video to your website, social media,
or YouTube channel

€50 each

1 – 30 seconds of voiceover talent

* please note, payment in advance for all packages.

BlinkVid helps you build brand awareness
and a constant stream of videos to share.

You’ll be amazed at how good we can
make your simple footage look!

Free Video Shooting Guide

We provide you with a free eBook on the best way to take your images and to shoot your video. We also provide example equipment lists.

Free Trial

Your first video is free! it’s on the house.
We want you to experience the difference we can make before you invest any of your money with us. *Self shot footage only

No Risk

In addition to your free trial, you obviously get to approve any videos before they are completed and added to your website or YouTube channel etc.

No Contracts

We don’t believe in forcing customers into long-term contracts for the best price. You work with us on a month-to-month basis for as long as you want to.